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TP Woocommerce Category Product Slider
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Transform your store’s product gallery with TP Woocommerce Category Product Slider. Our powerful and beautiful slider is fully responsive and packed with features to showcase your products in the best possible way.

With TP Woocommerce Category Product Slider, you can create a stunning slider to display on your Shop/Category pages. Plus, our slider supports navigation and autoplay options, giving your customers an intuitive browsing experience.

Our plugin also includes customizable options for slider arrows, dots, and animations. You can choose from 36 different animation types to create a dynamic and engaging product gallery.
Plus, our slider supports infinite scrolling and mouse dragging, so your customers can easily navigate your products.

And with our touch and swipe support, your customers can browse your products on any device, whether it’s a smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer.

One of the best things about TP Woocommerce Category Product Slider is that it works seamlessly with most premium themes.
And with our customizable CSS, you can further tailor the look and feel of your product gallery to match your brand.

But that’s not all – we also offer images size select options, so you can choose the perfect image size for your store.
And if your products load by AJAX, our plugin supports Ajax mode, ensuring a smooth and seamless browsing experience for your customers.

Don’t settle for a boring product gallery – upgrade to TP Woocommerce Category Product Slider today and give your customers the best possible browsing experience.

Please note! if your products are load by AJAX such as “Infinite Scrolling” or “live search ajax” you must activate “Ajax mode” in plugin settings.


  • Display all your product gallery images.
  • Responsive Layout.
  • Navigation support.
  • Slider AutoPlay Options.
  • Display Dots (Show/Hide).
  • Customize Slider Arrow (Color/Background/Icons).
  • Customize Slider Dots (Circle/Square/Rectangle).
  • Infinite Loop.
  • Mouse Dragging option.
  • RTL support.
  • Custom css.
  • Touch and Swipe support for images etc.
  • Customize animation transform (36 type of animations).
  • Working with Most of Premium themes.
  • Images size select (all your theme sizes).
  • Change images by dots or thumbs.
  • Exclude from Home / Front page,Shop,Categories,Tags,Cart,Product.
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  • Ajax mode

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